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Pre-production is the planning process and execution of every task that must take place before production begins. This part of the process is one of the most important elements to ensure the creative is fleshed out and all logistics are put in place to save money, ensure efficiency, and remaining legally compliant. Every project is different depending on the budget and the size of the production, but there are some relatively universal guidelines we bring to each project.


  • Develop Script

  • Finalize the Budget

  • Hire Key Department Heads (depends on scale)

  • Break Down the Script

  • Storyboard and Shot List the Scenes

  • Scout and Lock In Locations

  • Cast Talent and Hire Crew

  • Secure Permits & Insurance

  • Create the Schedule for Shoot Days

  • Perform a Tech Scout

  • Arrange for Equipment Rentals

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Principal photography in video production is when the majority of shooting takes place. Each and every project has a different team that is built or "Crewed Up" to meet the needs of the project. Although a smaller shoot will have crossover in positions, there is always a sweet spot where enough specialists are put in position so the quality does not degrade.  



  • Director, Producers, and Executive Producers

  • Production Department 

  • Direction Department

  • Camera Department

  • Talent / Actors

  • Art Department

  • Grip and Lighting

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Production Sound 

  • Craft Services


Post-Production is the stage after production when all the footage has been captured where the editing of the visual and audio materials begins. There are many different steps that happen throughout this process as itʻs the most intensive part of the creation. Editing teams can range project dependent, but there is typically a standard 3 stage process with rough cut 1, rough cut 2, and final cut. After each export, feedback is given from the client, director, and producing team before the next edit round begins. Depending on the depth of the process and needs of the specific client, subsequent editing rounds may be added. The Post-Production process is highly collaborative, which can range from a couple months to even as long as a year, depending on the size and scope of the project.


  • Have Adequate Storage & Redundancy

  • Footage Organization 

  • Archival Footage and Photo Procurement

  • Picture Edit for Principle Structure 

  • Motion Graphics and Titles

  • VFX

  • Sound Design

  • Sound Mastering 

  • Music Scoring or Licensing

  • Color Correction

  • Credits & Logos

Post Production Station
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