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Island Grown

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11 minutes   |   English   

There's an island named Maui in the South Pacific that boasts world class views, recreation, and climate. The island is perfect for agriculture and grows some of the best coffee in the world. Industrial farming on the island has recently put these ecosystems at risk and threatens the future of coffee cultivation. This short film follows multiple farmers embracing polyculture--growing their coffee trees alongside papaya trees, mango, banana, orange, avocados in hopes of a sustainable growing region for years to come.

Maui Coffee Roasters

Director & Cinematographer                       Phil Schlieder
Executive Producer                                          Nicky Beans
Director of Photography                              Bailey Roberts
Sound Design                                                  Luke Mathers
Assistant Camera                                               Chris Cole
Assistant Camera                                                 Jen Geltz
Producer                                                            Sam Young
Associate Producer                                    Sheree Corniel
Writer                                                           Austen Courpet
Narration                                                     Scott Jamieson
Assistant Editor                                                Doctor Tobin


Ono Farms

Maui Mountain Coffee Farm

Kupa'a Farms

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